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Flanging Machine

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Flanging Machine

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Flanging Machine

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Flanging Machine


Purchase the Greatest Flanger on the Market!

Akyapak flanging machines are built for speed and durability. It is precisely built for reduced vibration and toughness during flanging.

The whole structure is electro-welded and stress alleviated. Fully hydraulic control and proportional valves ensure exact adjustment during flanging, making it simple to operate even for inexperienced metal forming operators.

It is safeguarded against incorrect setup and overload by a well built hydraulic system. Automatic flanging capability (optional) offered to flange in the lowest time possible without concern for material thinness.

Diameters range from 500 to 10.000 mm.

Thicknesses range from 2 to 50 mm (cold) to 100mm (hot).

With or without center hole available

You may need to make the bottom with or without a central hole. Both are available in our supply.

Would you like to flange an extremely thin material?

Stainless or mild steel, with or without a central hole
Don’t worry, BMB will flange all of them with material-friendly operation and the lowest surface roughness possible.
The right model capacity is chosen depending on the material thickness, quality, and plate diameter, such as BMB-P.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Top Priority

Because investment cost is always an essential factor to consider when investing, AKYAPAK opted to prioritise function. Standard dishing presses and flanging machines are only intended to meet the most basic client requirements. You don’t have to worry about whether or not a certain machine configuration is required since our specialists will assist you in creating the appropriate machine configuration. OR, describe your application and email it to us so that we can provide a suitable solution.

It is intended for use in the pressure vessel, naval, nuclear, food, power generating, petrochemical, and shipbuilding sectors.

Lowest Vibration During Flanging

The entire equipment is designed to produce the least amount of vibration when flanging. This is one of the key expectations and a point of comparison with the others. The intense vibration causes a short life-time failure or wear on many machine components.

The components are of the highest quality to ensure little maintenance and a long life. Many design elements to avoid operator mistake, safety, and well-engineered aspects.

Skilled Operator is No Longer a Concern

You have reason to be concerned since the flanging process appears to be more difficult than other metal forming operations.
This problem has been resolved thanks to unique automation and a user-friendly interface.

It is now incredibly simple to understand and operate for any inexperienced operator. Very simple to control, with good precision and cycle repetition.

Standard Features

  • The frame of the machine is made by high alloy steel and MIG welded. The frame is also stress relieved to process to have tighter tolerances after welding operation

  • Both upper and lower head holders driven by hydraulic motors and hydraulic cylinders

  • Knuckle roll is driven by radial piston hydraulic motor for high speed rotation and torque

  • Flanging roll is driven by 3 cylinders for vertical and horizontal direction and slides between two main bodies

  • The dies are made of heat-treated special steel

  • Before painting, a specific primer is applied to the whole body for long-term corrosion protection.

  • Centralized lubrication system by hand pump operation

  • Lower supporting rolls are powered by hydraulic cylinders to support the head during flanging

  • Hydraulic system consists of pump with radial piston, level and temperature gauge of oil tank, filter with impurity indicator

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