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BMB-P 600

Dishing Press 600 Ton


Dishing Presses

BMB-P 200

Dishing Press 200 Ton

BMB-P 150

Dishing Press 150 Ton

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Dishing Presses


The Best Model to Buy for Any Tank Manufacturer

AKYAPAK shares its expertise in all fields of metalworking and shaping. AKYAPAK, which is pursuing research for higher quality solutions to the dishing and flanging business, is also quite forceful in this field with its dishing and flanging equipment.

It is intended for use in the pressure vessel, naval, nuclear, food, power generating, petrochemical, and shipbuilding sectors.

The BMB-P dishing presses are among the most demanding types in the AKYAPAK product line.

It is a hydraulic press that includes a manipulator (option) and a HEAVY DUTY machine, much like the others.
The BMB-P has a power range of 150 to 1600 tonnes and a diameter range of 500 to 10,000 mm.

The larger capacity presses (250 Tons and larger) have pre-stressed tie-rods, whereas the smaller ones have side shoulders since price/performance is the major goal for all size tank manufacturers worldwide.

The capacity of the model is determined by the material thickness, quality, and plate diameter. The BMB-P models’ dishing press power is designed for the largest diameter of dies to provide the client with the optimal cycle time and productivity. Because operator expertise is always crucial for all manufacturers, the primary control panel is designed with a user-friendly interface to decrease learning time.

Standard Features

  • The frame of the machine is made by high alloy steel and MIG welded. The frame is also stress relieved to process to have tighter tolerances after welding operation

  • The dies are made of special steel with heat-treated

  • Before painting, a specific primer is applied to the whole body to provide long-term corrosion resistance.

  • Safety barriers and stair on the machine is used to enable maintenance

  • Heat-treated and chromium-plated cylinder, body, and piston groups

  • Minimum number of lubricating points are used by using self-lubricated components

  • It is simple to operate the main cylinder, manipulator positions, and diagnostics/alarms for all functions, as well as stop in any position.

  • Since dies of our machines are bigger than standard dies, total labour hours for a piece reduced by half in comparison with operation by smaller dies

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