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10 Axis Three Spindle CNC Drill Lines

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10 Axis Three Spindle CNC Drill Lines


As a market leader, AKYAPAK demonstrates its technology in steel construction drilling lines and exports it from Turkey to the rest of the world. In this area, AKYAPAK, which invented the AKDRILL brand, manufactures CNC drilling machine series with servo motor powered in the name of ADM for steel construction masts.

AKDRILL ADM Drilling Machines offer high-quality solutions in steel building, bridge construction, shipyards, and other industries of construction. The ADM series can drill H, I, and U profiles or angles with standard diameters of 10-40 mm or more.

ADM Drilling Lines are made up of one, two, or three separate spindles. 1 ADM type with one spindle can drill the profile from three sides at a straight angle and by turning +90/-90 degrees. The 3ADM type, which has three spindles, can drill the profile from three sides independently while also marking and changing tools. CNC automatically resets the equipment to zero and sets it to the next drilling position.

ADM Drilling Lines, which are manufactured using first-rate equipment such as Mitsubishi and Siemens, have become well-known for their quality and dependability, thanks to Akyapak’s robust after-sales service.

Through 3 independent servo spindle units on 3 ADM model, the profile can be drilled from 3 sides at the same time. There are four tool capacity automatic tool changing system station for each spindle.

Beams can be drilled without having to drive them the whole 500 mm length of the beam. For example, if the hole widths are 10 mm and the distances between each hole are 40 mm, the spindle may drill 12 holes without changing the beam, saving you time throughout the operation.

That means a significant time savings. Another feature of the 3ADM system is that it allows you to produce scribing marks on three different surfaces (Optional). As an alternative, 3-axis marking is also available.

To begin, the material to be drilled (profile, box profile, angle) is placed on the infeed conveyor. The workpiece is pushed into the drilling machine while being gripped by the handle claw of the driving unit, and the position of the piece is adjusted to zero by laser light.

The drilled workpiece is driven to the angled bandsaw (optional) using the driving unit’s handle claw. Sawing may be done in any length and angle (-45/+60″). Material rollers that have been sawed are driven to the output conveyor.

Slotting capability without moving the beam in 20”.

No need to drive the beam during process (within 20”)
Three spindle with sub-axis
Maximized process
Reduced processing time and increased efficiency

Through 3 independent spindle units on 3 ADM model, the profile can be drilled from 3 sides at the same time.

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Standard Features

  • Control Panel: Mitsubishi

  • Drilling Unit- Vertical: 1 Vertical

  • Drilling Unit- Horizontal: 2 Horizontal

  • Drilling diameter: 10-40 mm

  • Spindle Speed-Infinitely: 50-3000 d/min.

  • Drive Power Per Axis: 22 kW / 140 Nm

  • Spindle torque: 280 Nm

  • Movement Transmission System: Preloaded ball screws / nut system

  • Automatic Tool Changing Unit: For each spindle one ATC with 4 tools

  • Infeed Table with CNC Carriage: 12m

  • Exit Table with Motorized Rolls: 12m

  • Central Lubrication for Linear Guides: Standard

  • Tool Cooling System: MQL

  • Weight of Linear Meter: 600 kg/m

  • Tapping Tool for all three axes (Optional): M10 – M24 (with special set)

  • Beam Width max-min with support from down: 1200 / 1500 / 1750-200

  • Beam Height max-min: 500 / 600 / 600-80

  • Spindle Head Tool Shafts-hole: BT 40 (with cooling liquid long hole)

  • Workpiece movement: Servomotor + planetery gear box

  • Automatic Cross-Section Measuring: Standard

  • Miter Band Saw Machine Integration: Optional

  • Weight: 13000 kg

  • Dimensions of the Machine: 2400 x 7000 x 3200 mm

  • D.O.T. Marking: Optional

  • Scribing Tool: On each side

  • Chip Conveyor: Standard

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