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Plate Drilling Machines


Plate Drilling Machines

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Plate Drilling Machines

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Plate Drilling Machines


Once more, AKYAPAK’s advanced solution for the steel construction industry. High processing performance and speed with AFD materials up to 10001500 mm.

The cutting-edge AFD Flange and Plate Drilling Machine was created to drill, mark, and tap plates and is a reflection of AKYAPAK’s more than 50 years of experience.

Every movement is produced by a CNC system.
The main body is made of stress-relieved, welded steel.

Within its own working area, the AFD CNC Flange and Plate Drilling Machine can drill materials with a thickness of 6 to 80 mm. Material is clamped with hydraulic clamping jaws and forced onto the table with balls. By using a CNC programme, the material is first placed at the necessary coordinates for drilling, marking, and tapping.

Using hardened hydraulic jaws and a piston, material can be fixed to avoid errors. It is possible to drill, tab, mill, mark with scribing, and mark with D.O.T (optional)  using AFD Flange and Plate Drilling Machine.

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