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APLG 3060-Gantry

Drilling Oxy-Fuel/Plasma Cutting Machines

APLG 3060-Gantry

Drilling Oxy-Fuel/Plasma Cutting Machines

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Drilling Oxy-Fuel/Plasma Cutting Machines

APLG 3060-Gantry

GANTRY: Akyapak’s Touch on the Steel Construction Industry

With its latest model in the CNC hole drilling, marking, and cutting lines in its product line, which can only be created by a handful of manufacturers worldwide, Akyapak is on the market with the APLG-Akyapak GANTRY Hole Drilling and Oxygen/Plasma Cutting Machine.

With its GANTRY approach, Akyapak increases the bar for productivity in the steel construction production sector. When the material is fixed, the model can cut and lightly grind plates by moving the bridge over a small area. The machine table is fixed while the bridge moves on the GANTRY, and the model contains a hole drilling unit with a 22 kilowatt power source as well as a plasma and oxygen cutting unit. The smallest version has a 2-meter width and a 6-meter length range, while the largest version has a 4-meter width and a 36-meter length range.

Akyapak also protects the environment with this approach. Plasma and oxygen cutting produces exhaust gases, which are collected from the fixed table, filtered, and released into the atmosphere as clean gases.

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  • Plate size (max. mm): 3000×6000

  • Plate thicknes with plasma (max. mm): 50

  • Plasma torches (No.): 1

  • Plate thicknes with Oxy (max. mm): 100

  • Drilling head (No.): 1

  • Drilling tools per head (No.): 8

  • Spindle power (kW): 22

  • Spindle max (RPM): 3000

  • Machine weight (Kg): 22730

  • Max. drilling diameter (mm): Ø 75

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