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H Beam Welding Machine

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H Beam Welding Machine


By welding platina parts of various sizes centred at input conveyor groups, the H Profile Welding Machine is intended to produce the necessary high quality specific H profiles. Under the Akyapak Machinery Guarantee, quick, dependable, and high-quality outcomes are offered.

System operation procedures: The machine’s operating part can be moved through driven conveyors even though it is stationary. The motor and gearbox provide the motion of the component that will be converted to an H profile.

On the main case, there are two separate pneumatic torch connection supports. These stands move apart from one another.

The system’s hydraulic cylinders control the position of the H profile portion.

The system has a charging device with a hydraulic piston.

By tipping stands with a hydraulic piston, the 90o tipping procedure is conducted to H profiles derived from H Profile welding machines.

The method permits the use of a submerged arc welding equipment in addition to one of the customer’s chosen brands.

The charging, main case (welding portion), and output tipping stands turn on the speed control system.

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Standard Features

  • Rear hydraulic centering unit at in-feed conveyor

  • Camera system

  • Motorized welding head slides

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