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Conventional Rotators

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Conventional Rotators


In circumstances where the diameter is not excessively changeable, conventional rotators provide a high-quality and cost-effective alternative for peripheral welding of cylindrical objects. Tanks, pressurized containers, tower pipework, boiler, silos, reactors, fuel drums, and other revolving circular elements.

Rotators increase welding speed and efficiency during both automatic and manual welding, and they play an essential role in steel building workshops by reducing crane operation.

The parts put on the rotator may be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise, accurately, well-aligned, and controlled through control panel at readily changeable rates. Conventional rotators are made up of two units: one driving and one idle. The number of driving and idle units can be varied depending on the application.

Akyapak Makine includes 1 to 300 tons conventional rotators in its standard lists. However, custom production can be realized up to 600 tons.

Standard Features

  • “PU” roller absorbing shocks and vibrations

  • Manual diameter adjustments

  • Adjustable rotating speed

  • Remote controller with 5 meter cable length

  • Digital speed indicator on the controller panel for monitoring rotation

  • Motors with brake

Optional Features

  • Custom roller designs for areas that require high temperature

  • Axis Support

  • Brush Earthing System

  • Bogie Rail Travel system

  • Master Control Panel (see the option in Column u0026amp;Boom)

  • Rail

  • Auto diameter adjustment (motorized)

  • Wireless remote controller

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