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Column Boom Systems


Column Boom Systems


Column Boom Systems

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Column Boom Systems


While Column-Boom systems may weld every section separately, they can also weld in a circular or longitudinal pattern utilizing a rotator or positioner. The system is capable of doing SUBMERGED, MIG, MAG, and TIG welding. Column-Boom systems can also be fixed or with automated rail movement.

Column-Boom systems enable an operator to increase quality, save manufacturing time and fatigue, and achieve accuracy and continuous welding quantity.

In its standard lists, Akyapak Makine comprises 3×3 to 9×9 Column-Boom systems. However, custom-made can be manufactured up to 10 x 10 metres is possible.

Standard Features

  • 359° Rotatable column (manual)

  • Mobile cabled controller

  • V type slide system for spaceless working

  • Adjustable mlinear Boom speed

  • Boom speed digital indicator

  • Setting for Boom speed (fast/slow)

  • Mechanical locking system for Boom fall

  • Counter weight system for Boom (Elevator)

  • Limit switch on all movements

  • Welding power unit’s table (above the column)

  • Motors with break

  • Cable channels on Column – Boom

  • Fixed on the floor system

Optional Features

  • Travelling Carrier

  • Master Control Panel

  • Auto Rotation Column

  • Operator Seat (With Stair, only with HCB&EHCB)

  • Camera Monitoring System

  • Tandem Welding Apparatus

  • Lighting

  • Stair

  • Rotators PLC Control

  • Oscillator System (only MIG/MAG)

  • Rail (only with Travelling Carrier)

  • SAW, MIG/MAG or TIG Weldings

  • Joint Tracking System – Laser

  • Joint Tracking System – Mechanical Sensor

  • Flux Drying Systems (only SAW)

  • Mobile Control Panel

  • Automation Systems

  • Special Isolations For Hazardous Environment

  • Tandem Welding Heads (SAW)

  • Twin Welding Heads (SAW)

  • Twin Tandem Welding Heads (SAW)

  • AC/DC Single Power Source (SAW)

  • Wireless remote controller

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