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Rope Rotators

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Rope Rotators


Rope Rotators are used to rotate and position objects having planar sections. The required welding edge may be generated by putting the rotatable portion on an endless rope. The height of the object put on the machine may be adjusted. This makes welding more convenient for the operator.

The product, which consists of a housing, rope drive systems, an electrical panel, and a remote-controlled operator unit, provides the finest structural protection. A lift rope break was used to take action against the carrier. Even if the elevator rope’s bobbin carrier section overlaps. The operator or the equipment will not do any damage to the environment.

Operators may precisely, accurately, and conveniently spin the rope-mounted parts clockwise or counterclockwise. They may also be shifted below and higher to get the required height. The rope rotator set is made up of two driving components. The number of units can be adjusted depending on the application and weight requirements.

Both units that comprise the rope rotator set are motorized, and they can be operated in synchrony or separately. As a result, the work piece’s angular height can be adjusted.

Standard Features

  • Remote controller with 5 meter cable length

  • Rope arms angle settings (hydraulic)

  • Safety platform for beam carrying or standing

  • Easy controlling hydraulic power pack

  • Hydromotor for rotation

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