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SRH 50

Hydraulic Welding Positioners

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Hydraulic Welding Positioners


The hydraulic adjustable welding positioners are built with the most suited configuration for table rotation and angular tilting in mind. Unlike the others, the height of these positioners may be adjusted while working on the pieces. As a result, the operators may operate more efficiently. Regardless of geometrical forms, it is feasible to position all components within the size range and generate an appropriate welding edge.

Positioners increase the speed and efficiency of both automatic and manual welding, and they play a significant role in steel building workshops by reducing crane operation. The device, which includes a housing, motor, table rotation and tilting systems, an electrical panel, and a remote-controlled operator unit, offers the finest structural protection. Positioners must be secured to the floor for heavy work pieces. 

Operators may spin the positioner’s parts clockwise or counterclockwise, accurately, well-aligned, and controlled through control panel, at readily changeable speeds. They can also be angled forward to get the correct angle.

On the rotating table, standard “T” grooves are provided. As a result, rapid clamping of the work piece is possible. Steel spur gear transmission systems enable table rotation and tilting.

Fix the part
In order to fix the piece working on to the positioner easily, the operator positions the machine.

Take position
Welding area on the piece is positioned at optimum working range.

Make welding. Then the next welding area can be positioned as Step 1 or continue the weldig.

Standard Features

  • Adjustable rotating speed

  • Remote controller with 5 meter cable length

  • Digital speed indicator on the controller panel for monitoring rotation

  • Welding – earthing mechanism

  • Motors with brake

  • Mechanical angle indicator (for tilting)

Optional Features

  • Programmable automation control

  • Wireless controller

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