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Ultra-large format sheet fiber laser metal cutting machine

The best option for large laser metal cutting


Ultra-large format sheet fiber laser metal cutting machine

The best option for large laser metal cutting

Function Enhancement
10kW+ Cutting Process Package

The special fiber laser nozzle and cutting process ensure faster carbon steel oxygen cutting, more gas-saving low-pressure stainless steel nitrogen cutting, and better-quality carbon steel air cutting.

Bodor Lightening

The lightning-quick piercing process combined perfectly with BodorGenius completes the whole piercing just during the laser cutter head moves down on Z-axis.

Active Anti-collision Function

Fiber laser heads are able to detect jutting obstacles to effectively reduce the damage rate and save the maintenance cost of a laser cutter.

Mechanical Configuration
Pyramid Structure Crossbeam

The laser cutter crossbeam combines the optimal bionic honeycomb cavity design with the optimal triangle pyramid outer wall, featuring light weight, strong rigidity, faster response speed, and less deformation.

Protective Light Curtain on the Crossbeam

Workers are prevented from danger even if they come to the cutting area accidentally.


BodorThinker is a high-end intelligent control system for a CNC laser cutter, featuring reliable stability, convenient installation and adjustment, safe production, multiple functionality, and robust performance. With BodorThinker, your laser cutting solutions can be modular, customized, automated and information-based.

With BodorMES, information insolation of manufacturing is broken. You can manage orders, production, pricing, equipment, and analyze cost to achieve a transparent, visualized, and quantifiable production.

Industrial Design Award Winner

“Oscar in Design”, two of the top three world industrial design awards

Remote Control

A mango shape and convenient magnetic securing help you control with just one hand.

Technical DataCutting Samples
Working Area24500mm*3200mm20500mm*3200mm16500mm*3200mm12500mm*3200mm
Laser Output Power40000W / 30000W / 22000W / 12000W / 6000W40000W / 30000W / 22000W / 12000W / 6000W40000W / 30000W / 22000W / 12000W / 6000W40000W/30000W/22000W/12000W/6000W
Positioning accuracy0.02mm/m
Repositioning accuracy0.01mm0.01mm0.01mm0.01mm
Max. linkage speed80m/min80m/min80m/min80m/min
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