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Full Automatic Loading and Unloading System


Full Automatic Loading and Unloading System


Automated Loading and Unloading

Fully automated processing of loading and unloading, save time and manpower.

Complete equipment delivery

The complete equipment is put in the container for delivery, saving delivery costs.

Flexible Layout

The loading module is suitable on both the left and the right, achieving flexible on-site layout methods.

Fast Loading

Continuous loading time reaches as short as 110 seconds.

Automatic Sheets Splitting

Lifting the corners of sheets first, avoids loading multiple sheets.

Material Detection

iTrans gives an intelligent reminder once no sheet detected on the material pallets.

Applicable Model

All-round sheet fiber laser metal cutting machine

Applicable Industry
Engineering Machinery
Electrical Cabinet Industry
Elevator Industry
Technical Data
Working Area:1000mm*1000mm-3000mm*1500mm
Module Dimensions:4800mm*4000mm*2600mm
Maximum loading weight:900kg
Maximum thickness of feeding plate:25mm
Maximum height of finished sheet:85mm
Operation method:Touch Screen Operation
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