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Bodor’s First P4 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine- 22kW in Canada

Bodor’s First P4 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine- 22kW Installed in Canada

Congratulations to Maitland Welding & Machining

Posted on: Monday, July 18, 2022 – 9:00 AM EDT

The month of June and July were very busy months in terms of sales and delivery as well as Fabtech Canada held its event in the mid of June. One of the large tasks Rise Tek Machinery had was to ensure the successful delivery and installation of the very first 22 kW fiber laser cutting machine manufactured by Bodor Lasers. This is Bodor’s first 22 kW laser and the highest-powered fiber laser cutting machine delivered in Canada.

Because of Rise Tek Machinery’s efforts, the P4 – 22kW was delivered, installed and training has been commenced successfully. The customer has sold three of their plasma laser cutters and replaced them with the exquisite P4. Learn more about the P4 below.

Replacing three plasma lasers was a great decision for our customers and not only for space but also for several factors in cost efficiency and productivity. More will be posted soon. However, acquiring any new machinery from Rise Tek Machinery opens the gates for 2-Year Warranties on Parts, Free After-Sale Service for a Year, Installation, Delivery, and Free Training to the company who bought. That is exactly why Maitland Welding & Machining went with Rise Tek Machinery and the fact the Bodor Laser surpasses the competition on high-power fiber laser cutting machines. Finally, on June 21st, 2022, the machine arrived on a flatbed truck, and in the coming weeks, Rise Tek’s own trained service technicians will install and train the employees of Maitland’s team.

Here’s a video to watch on how the delivery went by Rise Tek’s own machinery movers!

The Customer’s P4 – 22kW has arrived at their facility in June 2022

After delivery and installation, we were able to witness the machine cutting out samples for the first time at our customer’s facility at various cutting capacities! Mild Steel was cut from 5/16 inch to 1 3/4 inch and the cut was perfect and smooth

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