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Shot Blasting Machines

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Shot Blasting Machines


Roller conveyor blasting machines are intended for working with flat goods (such as sheets), profiles, or structures. The machine has a blasting chamber with internal wear plates that houses the turbines. The turbines are situated on the roof and bottom of the chamber in the case of flat goods or profiles. In terms of construction, the cabin is higher in height, and the turbines are likewise positioned laterally. Before the blasting chamber, an input vestibule with rubber/polyurethane curtains is installed to allow a continuous flow of components to be treated without grit shot escape. After the blasting chamber, a vestibule with blowers or revolving brushers is installed to remove the grit from the parts. The rollers conveyors are suitably dimensioned for the loading and unloading of the pieces.

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Rise Tek Machinery guarantees free delivery and installation of your machinery to your facility. The machine will be brought and moved to your desire location in your facility by professional machinery movers hired by Rise Tek. Once delivered, our trained service technicians will install the machine and train your machine operators.

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All our machines come with up to 1 year free after-sale service. Certain upgrades, exchange of parts or service maintenance can be taken care by our professional and trained service technicians.

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Rise Tek Machinery can also help with assistance to financing on your new machinery! Obtain a finance plan to pay for the cost of equipment, whether it be new or old, to boost production and support development. They have a variety of financing options, and  suggest the one that best meets your needs.

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