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AHS 30/60

4 Roll Plate Rolls

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4 Roll Plate Rolls

AHS 30/10

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4 Roll Plate Rolls


Great Solutions For Great Challenges

Akyapak manufactures 4 rolls hydraulic plate bending machines with capacity in thickness from 2 mm to 200 mm and in width from 500 mm to 12000 mm. (from 14 ga. to 8” and in width from 20” to 40ft.)

Prescience, Productivity, and Dependability

In addition to being dependable, the AHS boosts production with its high speed rolling capabilities and overcomes the most difficult bends due to its ease of use. Material skidding and slippage are prevented because the plate is squeezed during rolling. 

One of the side rolls of the AHS 4-Roll Plate Rolling Machines may be utilized as a squaring roll, allowing the plate to be quickly and accurately aligned along the roll across the input direction.

A single pass produces fewer flat ends

Because the material may be squeezed with the lower-roll during pre-bending and bending on AHS 4-Roll Machines, a whole cylinder can be achieved in a single pass. The AHS type enables accurate pinching of the plate between the upper and lower rollers.



With its AHS-RK Wind Tower Bending Line, Akyapak provides unique solutions for the wind energy sector. Akyapak stands out from its competitors in the market when it comes to supplying integrated solutions, thanks to its 55 years of experience and engineering and production competence in several product areas.

Akyapak designs Wind Tower Bending Lines in an integrated manner using the Welding Solutions that it develops and manufactures. The great speed and automation provided by Akyapak Wind Tower Bending Lines, which may be linked with Column-Boom Systems and Rotators, boost your productivity and give high production capacity.


Akyapak’s 55 years of experience and engineering knowledge went into the creation of the AHS-T Tank Bending Machine. AHS-T easily bends tanks with several radiuses in a single pass. Akyapak, which is constantly upgrading the technological infrastructure of the machines it manufactures, provides quick and dependable solutions for the construction of long tanks using AHS-T with improved CNC characteristics.

The diameters of the rolls of the AHS-T machine are tiny, and supports are used to keep all of the rolls from deflecting. Akyapak’s competence in “tailor-made” solutions is reflected in AHS-T, which may be manufactured in various dimensions for varied purposes.


AHS-PM is one of the industry-specific solutions offered by Akyapak. It is designed to achieve good performance for long pipes with relatively small dimensions.

The top roll of the AHS-PM model, which delivers great productivity in pipe manufacturing, is pre-stressed to compensate for deflections. The top roll may be quickly replaced for different pipe sizes and thicknesses.


The AHS-V Vertical Plate Rolling Machine is suited for rolling in large diameters or in a half-cylinder configuration. AHS-V, another Akyapak solution for industry-specific demands, requires less space due to its vertical shape.

Standard Features

  • Cone bending device

  • Induction hardened rolls

  • Digital display for side rolls

  • Fully welded steel (St-52) construction body

  • Separate moving control panel

  • Electro-hydraulic calibration

  • All rolls are mounted in roller spherical roller bearings

  • Safety equipment around the machine

  • Central rolls are driven by hydraulic motors and planetary gearboxes

  • CE, ISO 9001-2015, TSEK and TURQUM certified machine

  • Dual bending speeds

  • Hydraulically opened/closed drop end controlled from control panel

  • Activation of cone rolling function and position adjustment via buttons on the control panel

Optional Features

  • Central and side supports

  • Variable speed of rotation

  • Interchangeable top roll

  • Oil Air Cooler

  • Material Ejector

  • Deflection compensating system

  • CNC AK300

  • NC AK300

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