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CNC/NC Guillotine Shears

CNC Hydraulic Guillotine and IMS Series Electromechanical Shears

CNC Hydraulic Guillotine ShearsIMS Series Electromechanical Shears

INANLAR AHGM variable rake angle hydraulic guillotine shear has strong structure and easy usage.Automatic blade gap , rake angle and backgauge position adjustmen are done by CNC controller according to thickness of material and any type of sheet material can be cut with best quality.

  • Real Innovation

  • High quality , Maximum performance and competitive.

  • User Friendly Control unit.

  • High Precious cuttings.

Standard Features

  • High quality and hardened blades with 4 cutting edges

  • Cybelec Cybtouch 8 or STEP Automation SA8 EasyCut touch screen CNC Controller.

  • CNC controlled blade gap, rake angle adjustment.

  • CNC controlled motorized backgauge.

  • 1 meter squaring arm with inch and metric ruler.

  • 1 meter Front support arms.

  • Cutting line illumination.

  • Emergency Stops.

  • Front table with rolls.

  • Back sliding sheets system.

  • Cutting shadow wire.

  • Collapsible Finger Protection Cage.

  • Rear Photocell Protection.


Like all CybTouch products, it’s designed for immediate use. The CybTouch 8 G is very intuitive and extremely easy to use with the HMI showing only the necessary information and a high level of automation. The CybTouch 8 G can be mounted as a solid ready-to-integrate panel or optionally in a sleek and modern cabinet specially designed for attachment to a swivel arm.


Step Automation SA8 new generation controller; Its touch screen offers the best solution for intuitive and interactive programming and has a modern large LCD display with a capacitive touch panel. SA8 provides a simple way of programming interrupts with a table that requires a small amount of data.

ECO type Single Mode Operable pneumatic sheet support system (optional)
PRO type 3 pneumatic sheet support system which can work in different mode (optional)
Bosch Rexroth Hydraulic Block
Collapsible Protection Cage with Safety switch
Light guard for finger (Optional)
Laser Cutting Line (Optional)
Angle Adjustable Front Arm
Special Automatic Sheet Feeding Systems ( Optional )

Optional Features

  • Pneumatic sheet support system for thin materials.

  • Angular gauge.

  • Longer front support arms.

  • Laser cutting line.

  • Anti-twist system.

  • Light guard for finger protection.

  • Light guard for rear protection.

  • Front sheet feeding system

  • Conveyor.

  • Stacking system.

  • Blades for stainless steel materials.

  • X1 ,X2 adjustable angle backgauge system.

  • Oil cooler / heater

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General Features

MS Series electromechanical shear has been designed for cutting of sheet metal , plastic materials.IMS Series meets thin and accurate cuttings. It provides effective and economical solutions to users.

Standard Features

  • NC control backgauge with 750 mm stroke (After 3 mm Capacity)

  • Manual backgauge with 750 mm stroke ( up to 3 mm Capacity )

  • Squaring arm with t-slot, stopper and ruler (After 3 mm Capacity )

  • Squaring arm with ruler (up to 3 mm Capacity)

  • Foot pedal.

  • Cutting unit counter.

  • Front sheet holding arms.

  • Finger protection cages.

  • Rear protection cages with photocell.

  • Table with ball transfer. ( After 3 mm Capacity )

  • Cutting line illumination.

Optional Features

  • NC control backgauge with 1000 mm stroke (After 3 mm capacity

  • NC control backgauge (up to 3 mm Capacity)

  • Pneumatic thin sheet support system.

  • Rear protection cages with light barrier.

  • 0-180°  angular cutting device .

  • Cutting line shadow illumination.

  • Elgo control unit.

  • Squaring arm and front sheet holding arms longer.

  • Front operated manual backgauge with ball screw (up to 3 mm Capacity)

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