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Products that add strength

  • Aside from hydraulic press production, there are dozens of products in several categories.

  • sector and product-specific press

  • capacity to create and manufacture custom-made presses


Innovative Approaches

  • An excellent engineering personnel in the R&D section

  • A product development and design staff that is competent and uses new ways while working on solutions

  • They’re growing and becoming better each year

Hürsan Difference

Advantages that make Hürsan stand out

  • Almost a half-century of accumulation has resulted in sophisticated, technological, and formidable technical facilities.

  • with a global experienced and trained staff in the field

  • selection of world-class companies

Hürsan Pres

Hürsan has become a national firm by respecting customer satisfaction, using quality labor and material, and without compromising ethics and commercial understanding. It presented 45+ years of experience with technology and synergy.

Hürsan works for 100% customer satisfaction with their experienced engineering team and R&D Department in respect of quality. Hürsan has been exporting its machines that are manufactured with CE certificates to 45 countries on 5 continents.

Hursan Presses offers a comprehensive range of hydraulic presses from 30 tons to 10000 tons capacity

Hürsan’s Mission & Vision

To introduce the firm as a leader company that: exports its goods to all over the world with perfect customer satisfaction and low cost, using honesty, dependability, and quality as a guiding principle with over 47 years of experience.

What Makes Hürsan Stand Out

Hürsan Pres is the choice of world leader companies all over the world with its accumulation of nearly half a century, modern, technological and strong technical facilities, expert and qualified team in its field.

The most advanced and technological production facility in Turkey

Always chasing new ideas with all their stength

The World’s leading companies choose Hürsan’s Presses

Leader in custom design press production

Deliver to 45 countries on 5 continents

Qualified and expert staff across all departments


Years in Production


Countries across the World


Tons Capacity Hydraulic Presses

Why Choose Us?

Free Delivery & Installation

Rise Tek Machinery guarantees free delivery and installation of your machinery to your facility. The machine will be brought and moved to your desire location in your facility by professional machinery movers hired by Rise Tek. Once delivered, our trained service technicians will install the machine and train your machine operators.

Up to 1 Year Free After Sale Service

All our machines come with up to 1 year free after-sale service. Certain upgrades, exchange of parts or service maintenance can be taken care by our professional and trained service technicians.

Assistance to Machine Financing

Rise Tek Machinery can also help with assistance to financing on your new machinery! Obtain a finance plan to pay for the cost of equipment, whether it be new or old, to boost production and support development. They have a variety of financing options, and  suggest the one that best meets your needs.

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