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About Akyapak

AKYAPAK, with 32 thousand square metres of sophisticated production facilities, is a source of pride for both Bursa and Turkey. They specialize in manufacturing bending machines, welding machines and drilling machines. AKYAPAK, founded in 1962 in Bursa, has achieved international recognition through perseverance from the start, carefully pursuing innovation and technology.

AKYAPAK, which has its manufacturing unit and headquarters in Bursa, continues to develop technology in Turkey with its 320 experienced employees who are frequently taught.

AKYAPAK markets its products under many brand names such as AKBEND for Plate, Pipe, and Profile Bending Machines, AKDRILL for Drilling Lines, and AKWELD for Welding Solutions. The major brand name for Oxy-Plasma Cutting, Flanging, and Dish-End equipment is AKYAPAK.

Customers in the automotive, marine, aviation technology, construction, heating and cooling, energy, petrochemistry, and military sectors benefit from AKYAPAK machines’ high quality manufacturing and application solutions.

Today, AKYAPAK machines are used in the factories of world’s giants like Mitsubishi, Mercedes, Harley Davidson, Rolls Royce and Turkish aviation and defense industries, TAI and Roketsan.

The construction processes of famous structures like Istanbul Ataturk Airport, Ataturk Olympic Stadium, Istanbul Park tribunes and of vehicles and constructions that are a part our daily life like automobiles, motorcycles, ships, airplanes, airports, bridges, stadiums, steel construction buildings, skyscrapers, wind turbines, petrol stations containes the signature of AKYAPAK machines.

The primary reasons that make AKYAPAK a preferred one in Turkey and the world are precise quality control processes, inspection of every piece with due care and usage of materials of world-wide known brands.

From part acceptance through product assembly, the same high quality and customer-oriented approach drives the AKYAPAK production philosophy.
The CE, ISO 9001:2015, UKAS 005, TSEK, and TURQUM certificates confirm AKYAPAK’s excellent quality and standards.

Since the mid-1990s, Akyapak Turkey has been aggressively marketing and selling its products in the North American market. We saw the necessity to improve our market presence and customer service level with the launch of higher technology goods such as plate, profile, tube bending machines, and drilling line machines, therefore we founded Akyapak USA in early 2015. AKYAPAK USA has made a successful commitment to receive, quality control, install, and offer warranty and after-warranty support for these imported goods. We give these businesses with a local physical presence. We make ourselves available as someone you can “reach out to” and get in touch with.

Numerous Types of Machinery

Akyapak manufactures over 15 machines to assist in various areas. These include bending machines, drilling machines, and welding solutions.

Supporting 11 Industries

Akyapak’s machinery assist in 11 industries. These industries include Steel Construction, Electrical Power, Shipyards, Silos, Wind Towers, Pressure Vessels, Aerospace, Defence and more!

Heavy Duty Fabrication Machinery

Akyapak’s Heavy Duty machinery are high capacity machines and can assist in building large-scale projects. Contact us to learn more.

Experience of Over 60 Yers

After being founded in Bursa in 1962, Akyapak swiftly developed a reputation for producing high-quality metal bending machines and rapidly spread around the globe.

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Rise Tek and Akyapak partner up to fulfill your requirements

AKYAPAK, which is a long established company from Bursa, exporting metal-bending, cutting, and drilling machines to 110 countries in 6 continents is celebrating its 60th year anniversary. AKYAPAK having a success story for more than a half century has successfully brought the high quality symbolizing Turkish power to the world. To reinforce its strong image throughout the world, Akyapak has taken new steps and has lastly formed Akyapak USA and Akyapak Russia offices opened in Tampa and Moscow. Akyapak and Rise Tek has now teamed up to provide bending, drilling and welding solutions across Canada. Akyapak is combining its manufacturing knowledge with innovations to offer cost-effective equipment to Canadian Manufacturers. With a large number of dedicated engineers, experience and a large span of machinery, we are happy to provide you the Akyapak Experience.

Years Experience


Sq. m Production Facility

Types of Machinery

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Free Delivery & Installation

Rise Tek Machinery guarantees free delivery and installation of your machinery to your facility. The machine will be brought and moved to your desire location in your facility by professional machinery movers hired by Rise Tek. Once delivered, our trained service technicians will install the machine and train your machine operators.

Up to 1 Year Free After Sale Service

All our machines come with up to 1 year free after-sale service. Certain upgrades, exchange of parts or service maintenance can be taken care by our professional and trained service technicians.

Assistance to Machine Financing

Rise Tek Machinery can also help with assistance to financing on your new machinery! Obtain a finance plan to pay for the cost of equipment, whether it be new or old, to boost production and support development. They have a variety of financing options, and  suggest the one that best meets your needs.

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