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Trim Presses

Trim presses are a commonly used equipment in the automobile industry. Trim Presses may make engine / hood seal insulators, ceiling / door / floor covers, and torpedo components for the inside and outside of cars. These presses are also useful for producing Heat Shields.

Trim Presses have a pressing capacity of 100-1000 tonnes and may generate table sizes ranging from 1200×1000 mm to 4000×2000 mm.

Aside from these dimensions, Special Production is also an option in the event of high demand.

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Application Areas

Automobile Industry

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Rise Tek Machinery can also help with assistance to financing on your new machinery! Obtain a finance plan to pay for the cost of equipment, whether it be new or old, to boost production and support development. They have a variety of financing options, and  suggest the one that best meets your needs.

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