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Servo Presses

Servo press technology combines the benefits of hydraulic and traditional mechanical presses with no drawbacks. However, in terms of precision and economy, the design phase and suitable motor selection are critical. Although, servo presses have various mechanisms, there are not enough machines to compete in the worldwide market.

In the long run, Turkey’s medium and automobile technologies are among the most significant priority sectors in science and technology. With qualities such as flexibility, simplicity in structure, easy controllability, high speed, and low energy consumption, servo presses are usually used for metal forming applications in the automobile sector and other locations where unique output is required.

Hürsan Pres chose to launch this project in order to satisfy the high demand from clients. As part of the research, it is intended to develop and build a mechanical servo press for metal forming as a prototype. At the completion of the project, the firm will get a mechanical servo press design and production guide, which will be included to the company’s product catalogue.

The project’s product will stand out in both local and international markets by addressing the demands of the metal forming industry, particularly the automobile sector, with its high technological characteristics and low pricing. Hürsan Press will boost its productivity, revenue, and competitiveness with the project output, which is expected to give high added value, be novel for the firm, be environmentally friendly, and be stronger than its rivals.

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Application Areas

Automobile Industry

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