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A Recap of Fabtech Canada 2022 With Rise Tek Machinery & Bodor Lasers

A Recap of Fabtech Canada 2022 With Rise Tek Machinery & Bodor Lasers

Posted on: Monday, June 20, 2022 – 9:00 AM EDT

From Tuesday, June 14, 2022, to Thursday, June 16, 2022, the 3-day FABTECH exhibition came to a close in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Bodor Booth at #4030 was one of the largest booths at the event and the fiber laser cutting machine showcased at FABTECH was the highest-powered laser!

Fabtech is Canada’s Largest Metal Forming, Fabricating, Welding, and Finishing Event. As the event proceeded to be open for the public to attend and by following health protocols, the event was opened to over thousands of people. Furthermore, with more than 7000+ expected to attend, Bodor’s booth attracted a substantial amount of attendees. The team from Rise Tek Machinery joined the team at Bodor’s Booth and together we were able to speak with thousands of people on Bodor’s P4 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine.

The Bodor Booth showcased one of their highest-powered laser cutting machine – the P4 22 kW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine. This monstrous machine has a maximum cutting capacity of 60 mm for Carbon Steel, 60 mm for Stainless Steel, 40 mm for Aluminum, and 25 mm for Brass! When showcased at the event, everyone was amazed! The samples can be viewed below.

The P4 has very excellent features compared to its high-power fiber laser counterparts and the event featured all of its capabilities to attendees. This includes the double bed, the anti-collision function, the space eye as well as Bodor’s own control system known as the BodorThinker! Pictures of the FABTECH Event can be viewed below.

Congratulation to Our Customer on Purchasing Bodor’s Fiber Laser Machine – P4 22 kW

In addition to the Fabtech Event, Rise Tek Machinery and Bodor Lasers were able to conduct a handover ceremony and congratulate Maitland Welding & Machining on purchasing Bodor’s highest-powered fiber laser in Canada, the P4 22 kW! Even though the P-Series can go up to 40 kW, the 22 kW is a titan in high-power fiber laser technology and they are more than happy with their purchase. Our customer sold out 3 plasma laser machines and replace them with the P4.

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